Are Finnish Lapphunds suitable as family pets?

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Family Pets The breed is very popular in Finland, they are a very social breed and like to be very much part of the family. We do not think they are happy as kennel dogs. Finnish Lapphunds like human company and fit in well with family life and children. It is important, is to make [...]

How easy is it to get a Finnish Lapphund?

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Availability? The breed's popularity is rising and to date (2014) some 700+ dogs have been registered with the Kennel Club.  The breed was introduced into the UK in 1989. Breeders are careful to breed for quality and not quantity, and with litter sizes being on average about five pups, the numbers have risen slowly. The Southern [...]

What is the correct colour for the Finnish Lapphund?

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Colour? The breed comes in a diverse range of colours, from cream/biscuit colour to solid black. The most common colour in the breed is the black tri colour (black, tan with with white markings).  All colours are equally acceptable, and choice of colour is a personal preference. What is important is that the breed standard [...]

Do Finnish Lapphunds need lots of exercise?

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Exercise? Finnish Lapphunds are not for the couch potato, they are a working dog, and physical exercise is necessary to their health and well being. We would guess that on average the dogs require 1 hour of free running a day, but they can and do take a lot more if offered, enjoying a run [...]

Do Finnish Lapphunds get on with Cats and other dogs?

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Cats/other dogs? The Finnish Lapphund is perfectly happy living with cats or other breeds of dogs. Many of the Finnish Lapphunds in the UK already share their homes with cats, and the young puppies soon develop respect for their smaller furry friends. Some even decide to try what it is like to be a cat [...]

Does the Finnish Lapphund Bark a lot?

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Bark? The Finnish Lapphund can be vocal and if not trained correctly they will use their voice to get attention, this is commonly seen when the pups are cute and their owners respond inappropriately to a yap!  Word of caution - positive reaction when young can result in a noisy, demanding Lapphund when older.  The [...]

Does the Finnish Lapphund Require a lot of Grooming?

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  Grooming? Although the breed has a very attractive and heavy coat, they require only a small amount of grooming (about 0.5 hour a week should be adequate.). The main areas on which to concentrate being around the ears, and the tail and long feather on the legs and under the tail. No trimming is [...]

Should I have a Finnish Lapphund dog or bitch?

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Dog or bitch? For pet owners this question generally means 'is either of the sexes easier to live with?  The Finnish Lapphund male can be rather dominant with other males, but this is not to say that they cannot be kept with other males. The Society would not advise keeping two male Finnish Lapphunds together [...]

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