Dog or bitch?

For pet owners this question generally means ‘is either of the sexes easier to live with?  The Finnish Lapphund male can be rather dominant with other males, but this is not to say that they cannot be kept with other males. The Society would not advise keeping two male Finnish Lapphunds together unless you are experienced with the breed. Experience shows that male Finnish Lapphunds are no more likely to stray than bitches. The males tend to be a little larger and have more coat than bitches. For the bitches you will need to consider whether to spay (neuter) or not, the bitch’s seasons (up to twice a year) can be inconvenient, messy and may produce temperament changes in the bitch as she undergoes hormonal fluctuations.   Finnish Lapphunds are very social dogs and love to be with people and other dogs.  Again a good relationship with your breeder will help you understand whether either sex is more or less likely to settle in your family.  For many of us, this is a preference that you can only express if you have had both sexes, and then you find that you may bond better to one sex or the other.