The following list contains details of breeders that are SFLS members and have accepted the SFLS rules on breeding. We strongly advise all prospective puppy owners to establish that the appropriate health tests have been carried out and are up to date.

Click on a Breeder’s Affix for further information. Breeders in bold type have litters due or available.

Breeder Affix Contact Location KC AB
Aisarovi Vita Brasiunaite Cambridgeshire
Ansalfrose Shaun & Ann Stanley South Yorkshire
Elbereth Toni Jackson Surrey KC Assured breeder scheme
Glenchess Elaine & Steve Short Shropshire
Infindigo J Simmons & J Henson Devon
Kaijartuu Emma Lee West Sussex KC Assured breeder scheme
Lintukoto Evelyn Meikle Ayrshire
Lumikoira Mr S Brown & Ms L Wyatt Warwickshire KC Assured breeder scheme
Morval Sam & Ro Moore Surrey
Oberitz Niki Allison Shropshire
Pavoskas Steve, Shelley & Sammy Cooper Devon & Wiltshire
Rycamrhia Mrs Nadine Stilwell Essex
Sambreeze Mrs S Hall Kent
Starlapps Miss M Starling Norfolk
Thistleglen Mr K Matheson North Lanarkshire