Family Pets

The breed is very popular in Finland, they are a very social breed and like to be very much part of the family. We do not think they are happy as kennel dogs. Finnish Lapphunds like human company and fit in well with family life and children.

It is important, is to make sure that you get your puppy from a well-socialised litter, and from parents whose temperament suits your lifestyle. Contact a number of breeders and visit them at home before deciding from which breeder to buy your puppy. We believe that pups born into a home environment (rather than kennel) tend to be better socialised, used to noises and people etc.

You are also welcome to attend one of our many Lappy Walks that we hold throughout the year – you can find these listed on the Events page. Not forgetting you can meet lots of Finnish Lapphunds at any of the Championship Shows and at lots of local Open Shows. Again a list of Champ Shows can be found on the Event page.

Remember Finnish Lapphunds are a working breed and their temperament may lean towards strong herding instincts, plus they are not bad hunters which can make them a little wilful. They will require plenty of mental stimulation for their sanity; this is most noticeable when young, so be prepared for a very demanding puppy to join your family. You will need to be committed to spending time training your puppy.