The SFLS Lapphund walks are an opportunity for you and your lapphund(s) to get to meet up with other lapphund owners for a relaxing and fun walk. Great for talking about dogs, meeting like-minded lapphund lovers and generally socialising. A group of lapphunds is an impressive sight, and we will attract some attention from other walkers, so please remember that we are ambassadors for the breed and “poop scoop” where necessary and follow local park guidelines. You, and not The Southern Finnish Lapphund Society, are responsible for the safety and control of your dog. Beware, most walks will involve being near farm livestock, or wild deer at some point, and lapphunds find this tempting!

You do not have to be a lapphund owner (or member of the SFLS) to join us, all are welcome, in fact if you are thinking about adding a Lapphund to your family they are a great place to find out more about the breed.

The walks are not arduous, but the full walk would not be suitable for immature pups. The walks are added to our event calendar as and when planned – if you would like to lead a group walk – let us have the details and we will happily add to the calendar.

Please check our website no later than the day before any walk to check any change in details. Whilst we are reasonably hardy, a walk in horizontal sheet rain across a wind-swept moor will never appeal!

Please aim to be present at the walk start at 11am as we will aim to begin the walks at 11:15am (though check specific events for exact times as sometimes tides etc influence when we can walk). Bring your own food and water for your dog!