Hip Scoring – alternative schemes


As members know the Code of Ethics for the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society require that dogs be hip scored, and the results published, prior to mating.  The SFLS CoE specifically states: 23 (b) In addition all stock prior to mating must be examined for the control of Hip Dysplasia and a published score be [...]

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BVA/KC Canine Health Scheme Score suspended due to Covid


News from BVA - Canine Health Schemes update -  Due to the new Tier 4 restrictions, all hip and elbow scoring has regrettably been suspended for the time being. Submissions are being processed by date received and will be allocated to scoring sessions as soon as possible. Please be patient during this time.More info: [...]

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Canine Genetics Centre Saved


The SFLS has through the generosity of its members and friends provided considerable funding to the Canine Genetics Centre at the AHT - and so we are pleased to hear the following news from the KC KENNEL CLUB GENETICS CENTRE DATA AND BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL SAVED Important research assets rescued from Newmarket and moved to [...]

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SFLS thoughts on Breeding during current Covid19 situation


Any planned mating should only take place after full consideration of many factors which the KC have highlighted at During the current lockdown, which as yet has no certainty over end date, there are additional factors which breeder and purchaser should consider, not least how to maintain social distancing whilst providing appropriate puppy socialisation, [...]

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Changes to Eye Scheme, removal of Schedule B


Update from Kennel Club "As you may be aware, the Kennel Club has been collaborating with the British Veterinary Association and the Eye Panel Working Party to assess the current format of the BVA/KC/ International Sheepdog Society (ISDS), particularly with regard to Schedule B. Following this, it has been decided by the Working Party [...]

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Discounted Eye Tests 20th July 2019


Routine eye testing for our breed is not only essential for those dogs used for breeding, but testing of the wider population gives a greater indication of the health of the breed and the prevalence of eye conditions.   We have arranged for discounted eye testing to take place at Spitz in the Park [...]

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Research: Addisons in Finnish Lapphunds


The Royal Veterinary College research programme into developing a diagnostic test for canine Addison's is now ready to accept samples from dogs diagnosed with this condition. They are keen to have samples (a small amount of blood which can be collected at routine electrolyte testing) from UK Lappies, indeed the more Lappies who provide samples [...]

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Animal Health Trust Annual Review


The AHT Annual Review looking at achievements in 2015 is now available online, the SFLS are listed under donations You can also download the report as a PDF

Animal Health Trust Annual Review2016-08-30T23:10:53+01:00
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