Following the hip and elbow survey (of which the results are currently going through analysis), the BVA have also developed a survey to owners and breeders who have used the BVA/KC Eye Scheme, to gain valuable feedback on the scheme’s performance and particular areas that need development.

This survey is open to all breeds  and can be shared to friends who also use the scheme

The Breed Health Coordinator would encourage people who complete the survey to use Q8 or Q17 to comment on the lack of transparency in the scheme for:

  1. Conditions that KC/BVA do not recognise as hereditary.  Currently if the KC/BVA do not believe a condition to be inherited due to low volume of cases seen in UK, the results are not shown on the dog’s records, and the dogs is deemed clear – when in fact this  is NOT true – there are many UK lapphunds shown on the KC health result finder as clear under the eye scheme when in fact they have cataracts, MRD or other conditions.  It would be better to list all conditions and let breeders be better informed.
  2. Overseas results are not shown so imported dogs may appear to be untested but in fact they are tested in another country, again this misinforms the public should they choose to research a litter – and may discourage them from contacting a breeder who has used overseas studs etc