News from BVA – Canine Health Schemes update –  Due to the new Tier 4 restrictions, all hip and elbow scoring has regrettably been suspended for the time being. Submissions are being processed by date received and will be allocated to scoring sessions as soon as possible. Please be patient during this time.

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Message from SFLS – the KC’s Assured Breeder Scheme does accept overseas hips scores etc, the results are NOT published on the dogs’ records and you will need to include the certs of the scores when registering a litter. The SFLS are also happy to include hip/elbow scores from other overseas national schemes towards their Code of Ethic requirements. Note you should check the respective scheme requirements, as they do vary eg OFA the dog must be 24 months old for submission of Xrays. Also check with your vet/person taking xrays if they are able to send to relevant scheme, as again some schemes have specific requirements for plate labelling.