Finnish Lapphund of the Year 2017 – was judge by Val Dyer

FLOTY winner was Stuart Jackson’s Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth

Runner up was Niki Allison’s Oberitz Trolleri

Best of the first round Losers – Niki Allison’s Glenchess Nallukka By Oberitz

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(photo courtesy of Emma Lee)

Morval Salainen Haave JW Morval Salainen Haave JW Oberitz Trolleri Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth
Lapptoppens Herax
Finnadian Cirius Oberitz Trolleri
Oberitz Trolleri
Elbereth Suvituuli JW Ch Elbereth Pelinainen JW Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth
Ch Elbereth Pelinainen JW
Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth Lecibsin Ukas to Elbereth
Glenchess Nallukka By Oberitz
Sambreeze Taimi of Wychewolf Sambreeze Taimi of Wychewolf Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM
Oberitz Vakkara JW
Alkantara Ilo Mina Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM
Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM

FLOTY 2016 was judged by Gary Gray

FLOTY 2016 Result

FLOTY Orr's Ch Bridus Rakas ShCM Res: Allison's Oberitz Rillumarei

FLOTY Orr’s Ch Bridus Rakas ShCM               Runner Up Allison’s Ch Oberitz Rillumarei

Best of the first rond Losers Meikle and Hendersons Marymead Muskateer ShCM

Best of the first round Losers
Meikle and Hendersons’ Marymead Muskateer ShCM

Our FLOTY 2015 was judged by Mr David Cavill
We had 5 absentees on the day giving 5 dogs a bye into the second round.

FLOTY and Runner UP
FLOTY and Runner UPMulti Ch Elbereth Matkamies and Bridus Rakas
FLOTY Finalist
FLOTY FinalistElbereth Pelinainen JW
Best of First Round Knockouts
Best of First Round KnockoutsTilkkuturkin Hallantuoma To Elbereth JW

A very big thank you to the Southern FL Society committee for the opportunity to judge the FLOTY. A special day complemented with kind hospitality and the cream of top class dogs to judge. I was spoilt for choice and placings could easily change on another day, particularly as the floor surface posed a problem for some dogs and interestingly, not for others.

Allison’s Oberitz Onnetar ( Fin Ch Chelville Tapio x Elbereth Noki with Oberitz)

Almost 11yrs black & tan bitch. Well proportioned if looking slightly heavier in her more mature years but still perfectly acceptable for a bitch. She has good breadth, correct bone and is well ribbed. Lovely eye and ears, feminine with soft expression. Moderate angulation all round and standing straight front and rear, well boned and strong in hocks. Perfectly sound coming and going, she is remarkably strong and firm for her years and this is what gave her a very slight edge over the younger dogs today as she moves with tight, moderate stride, holding her topline and coping well with the floor surface. She is a special favourite of mine and delighted to see her here today in fine condition and excellent coat. Finnish Lapphund of the Year.

Jackson’s Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies ShCM (Multi Ch Lecibsin Macce x Elbereth Kyky) 6 year old wolf sable dog. Strong and masculine with ideal height:length:depth proportions. Excellent bone, correct stance front and rear, good breadth all through and good length of neck. Correct forehand angulation with good length of shoulder and upper arm together with moderate hind angulation, giving him the balance to make a very attractive profile both standing and on the move. He is strong in loin, firm in topline and well muscled. Correct lay of croup, good tail set and carriage. Excellent coat texture. Runner Up.

Birks’ Infindigo Riemu Kittaa (Glenchess Ilolas x Infindigo Keksi) 3 year old cream bitch. Very attractive with correct all round proportions. Well balanced head with good eye and ears and correct stop. Good breadth and ribbing, well boned and good stance. Excellent angulation front and rear, good underline with correct tuck-up and balanced all through. She stood firm and looked good from any angle. On the move she has firm moderate stride, holding her strong topline. Excellent harsh textured coat. Most impressed with this young bitch who I think can only improve with full maturity. Third finalist.

Thomas’ Elbereth Suvituuli ( Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies x Elbereth Penikka) 2.5 year old black & tan. Another very nice young bitch and unlucky to be matched with a finalist in the first round. She is correctly proportioned with good breadth and excellent bone. Very attractive in head, feminine, well balanced with good eye and ears, correct stop and soft expression. Excellent firm stance with correct moderate angulation front and rear. Firm in topline with correct croup and tailset. On the move she was sound with firm, brisk stride. In lovely condition, just losing out a little in coat texture. First Round Special.

Julie Vaughan

floty 2013

Finnish Lapphund of the Year and Runner Up

Results for FLOTY 2013
I was hugely honoured to be given this unique opportunity by the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society to get so “close up and personal” to the breed in such numbers. And at this level, and as part of my learning curve about the specifics of the breed, it was truly invaluable and an experience I shall treasure.
You are so fortunate to still be at that stage as a breed/ Society where you are truly a “family” of supporters with generations of owners all pitching in together to ensure the success of the event and self-evidently mutually supportive and sporting.
Long may that continue and you must do all in your power to preserve it as it is such a rarity in the dog game these days and will attract in new owner/ exhibitors and will see the breed prosper.
The competition followed the AGM and began with a delicious home-cooked lunch. 18 of the 24 qualified exhibits took part with the entry fees being generously donated to a breed rescue effort concerning some 62 Lappies in California.
Finnish Lapphund of the Year:
Jackson’s Ch/Int Ch Elbereth Matkamies Stunning breed ambassador in best of coat & condition; scores in all the specifics of the breed standard; beautifully constructed; true moving maintaining his enviable profile; has strength without coarseness; one of those dogs that “looks at you right” and cannot be denied.
Lock’s Bridus Pikkummimi
Apparently related (and I see is Elbereth sired) it turns out this 16m b. is already on two CCs! She frankly stopped me in my tracks with her sheer type & shape that was only enhanced by her lack of coat. Handled by the “chef,” I realised later I had unwittingly met the owner over lunch who told me “I just have a pet one”. Some pet! Thank goodness

floty2012   floty2012_bestround1

Finnish Lapphund of The Year and Runner Up              Best of the First Round Knockouts

Finnish Lapphund of the Year 2012

This event, hosted by The Southern Finnish Lapphund Society, was rescheduled, as snow stopped play back on 23rd. March! I was judging at Bath championship show on the previous day and can honestly say I was frozen. However the 25th dawned with glorious sunshine, the welcome by the society, as warm as the weather today.

The competitors were depleted, from the previous date due to other commitments, but still I enjoyed the quality dogs that attended. The judging took the form of a knockout match. Following the initial matches, we judged the best of the first round losers. This is a lovely touch. The best here was Multi CH. Elbereth Kia Joins Bridus owned by S&E Bird .She turned out to be sibling to the overall winner and I found just what I was looking for in type, but perhaps did not cope just as well in the smaller ring as I feel she is capable of. Beautifully turned out and in good muscular development, it was a pleasure to be able to reward her attributes.

We followed this with the semi final best. Mr. & Mrs. Webb’s Elbereth Penikka. This bitch has femininity with correct proportions .I felt she displayed type. Her head has width of skull, clean zygomatic arch, correct stop with good nose and muzzle without appearing doggy. Felt she might have preferred to be outside, but didn’t we all! I ended up, in the final, with a dog and a bitch, not by design, just the way it worked out. Both displayed a typical outline for the breed, and were presented in beautiful order. The nod had to go with the male. Jackson’s Multi CH. Elbereth Matkamies sh cm. He had bone, strength without being too big. His head typified the breed for me, good width of skull, with good set on of ear which he used to enhance his expression, from well set oval eye which was confident and kind in outlook. Had defined stop with strength in muzzle, width of jaw and dry lip, which covered the muzzle without being pendulous. His skeletal make up allows balance, and smooth true free movement, even in a small ring. Looking at the catalogue as I write this, I do recognise his name, but he was obviously not handled by his usual handler, yet performed with ease.

Runner up was Mowatt’s bitch Tabanyaruu Sisko. Excellent forehand, giving smooth lines of neck through topline. Correct leg to length ratio with bone and straight fore legs. Lovely to go over under her profuse coat. Perhaps not quite the head proportions of the winner, but her quality and performance could not be denied. I notice many of my winners seemed to be connected to Toni Jackson’s breeding .She never entered the ring yet obviously can produce the goods.

My steward was the most delightful lady and made my job even more pleasurable. Thank you to all.

Patsy Hollings.