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SFLS Calendar 2011 photo voting RESULT

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Name: Glenchess Voitto

Pet name: Taavi

Owners: The Asplins

Photograph: Mike Asplin



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Name: Dulivuori des Royaumes du Grand Nord

Pet name: Dilou

Owner: Christian Kauff

Photograph: David Buchwalter


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Name: Janoby Clear the Way

Pet name: Bear

Owner: Terri Mac Donald

Photograph: Terri Mac Donald


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Name: Elbereth Marja

Pet name: Marja

Owners: Judi & David Cross

Photograph: Christine Phillips


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Name: Shadagrace Priscilla Juno

Pet name: Juno

Owners: John & Ingrid vanReenen

Photograph: Ingrid vanReenen


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Name: Teelikamentten Deep Blue

Pet name: Dani

Owners: Eija Kimmo & Markku Jokinen

Photograph: Eija Kimmo


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Names: Armahani Crystal Ceahppi, A.Crystal Cuovgat, A. Crystal Ciegus, A. Crystal Caibmat

Pet names: Cookie, Taija, Myrre, Dolce

Owners: K Saleeba, C Latta, A Ahola & J Makela, S Chouffot & G Brassington

Photograph: Jacqualine Lincoln


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Names: Infindigo Monta Tarkka, Infindigo Monta Aurinko, Honeybears Barleycorn

Pet names: Tarkka, Inko, Oskar

Owners: Jo and George Ross, Paula & Adam Glover, Wendy Wilson

Photograph: Adam Glover


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Names: Bredbäcks Galax, Raiddokas Dalle, Bredbäcks Eppi, R. Åivapoika, B. Darwin, R. Ä-Stig Helmer

Pet names: Birk, Dunder, Loka, Ruff, Darwin, Helmer

Owners: Ellen Åberg , Ulla & Bengt Ahlström

Photograph: Bengt Ahlström


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Name: Miskajasmin Myrskylintu

Pet name: Hilla

Owner: Marko Hilakari

Photograph: Eija Kimmo


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Name: Magpielane Morning Song

Pet name: Ahsoka

Owners: Nicola Boyd & Brendan Giles

Photograph: Nicola Boyd


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Name: Elbereth Taivas

Pet name: Taivas

Owner: Karen White

Photograph: Karen White


Below are the ‘bonus photos’ from the 2011 calendar. These are the photos that were placed 13th to 24th in the vote – they get included as a small photo on the grid pages of the calendar.