Q1. Your dog’s pet name.


Q2. Your dog’s kennel name.

Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth

Q3. Sex.


Q4. Colour.


Q5. Age now or at date of death.

9.5 years

Q6. Why did you choose to get a Finnish Lapphund?

Stunning looks and cheeky attitude

Q7. What were the most challenging aspects of training your dog?

Getting her to go over agility jumps instead of contact obstacles (she got more food rewards for contacts!!)

Q8. What could you train them to be really good at?

Showing (a natural poser)

Q9. How readily were they trained?

Very willing to learn and do as she was asked

Q10. What motivates your dog in training?


Q11. What motivates you in training?

Love to see the dogs enjoy what they are doing when they know they are pleasing you

Q12. What type of food does your dog eat daily? Eg wet or dry.

Dried complete food (Pro plan) twice a day

Q13. How many grammes of food would they generally eat everyday?

Max 200g per day

Q14. Do they “scoff” or “pick-at” their food?!

Scoff big time!!! Faster eater in the west!

Q15. Have they had weight problems?

Would have eaten for England and put on weight if she could – but still looked good enough to won BOB at 9 years of age as I was firm about her diet

Q16. Have they had any health problems?

Nothing in 9 years – but then developed liver disease/cancer which affected her health very quickly

Q17. If your dog is deceased, what was the cause of their death?

Liver disease/cancer

Q18. How would you describe their health in general?

Fabulous – never a day sick till 9 years of age

Q19. How do they get on with family, children, friends and strangers?

Echo was a natural ambassador and loved all her public large or small

Q20. How do they get on with other dogs in general?

She was not at all aggressive with other dogs and mixed well.

Q21. How do they get on with other Finnish Lapphunds?

No problems here at all

Q22. What challenges do they present on a walk e.g. chasing deer, squirrel hunting, swimming, poor recall, scared to leave your side?!

Would chase wildlife but came back usually – once herded deer in the park which was embarrassing but at same time thrilling to see her do what she was bred to do.

Q23. Describe your dog’s personality using five adjectives.

Cheeky, lively, captivating, adorable and loving

Q24. Have you owned or been very familiar with other dog breeds? If yes, which ones?

Border collies, German Spitz and Pyrenean Mtn Dogs

Q25. How would you say the Finnish Lapphund compares to these breeds?

Bright as a collie but as independent as a Pyrenean, and more stunning in looks and easier to maintain that either.