Online seminar – Teaching your dog a reliable recall – and how to to avoid getting into trouble when you don’t have one!

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A good recall is essential for so many reasons when we exercise our dogs. We can’t always predict when other dogs might appear, or some hazard takes us by surprise when a good recall is needed. But those are the times it is really tested. Good manners means we shouldn’t let our loose dogs approach any off lead dog, but all too often our recall let’s us down!

This webinar will look at –

  • Teaching a more reliable recall
  • Common pitfalls and why they fail
  • Managing and exercising dogs safely that are ‘works in progress’
  • Meetings and greetings…when it’s OK to let your off lead dog go say hello to other dogs

Our speaker is Paddy Driscoll MSc (CAB) APDT(UK)Paddy is a spitz enthusiast and long time owner of german spitz – and has long followed our breed, and has worked with a number of lapphund owners with reactivity issues .  Check out Paddy’s bio at

This webinar is open to members only (new members are always welcome to join the society) – members will receive a special link to book from the shop which is not visible to non members, and can book the live session which will allow for Q&A – or for access to a recorded version (time limited availability)

The seminar will start at 19:30 UK time – but we ask people to join us from 19:20 so they can resolve any technical issues and we can  then start promptly – the talk will be approximately 1 hour with time for Q&A.

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