2009 Yearbook Cover
2009 Yearbook Cover
2009 Yearbook Cover

To continue our series of Year Books, celebrating the dogs of the year and providing an amazing resource on the breed for all to look back on in the future, we invite you to submit your adverts for the 2024 edition.

Final deadline is 20th January 2024

For those who have not seen the previous editions: What is a Year Book? – Well, it’s a study on a breed, providing reference items and the opportunity to showcase the dogs of the day (make sure your lapphund features in breed history). Standard contents are likely to include:

  • Club Info
  • Championship Shows and Judges for 2024
  • 2023 Rollcall of Honour (BOB/BOS/Res Winners/BP) for Ch shows 2023
  • New Champions/Junior Warrants/Show Certificate of Merits in 2023
  • Good Citizen Awards
  • Overseas News (at least 10 countries)
  • Articles and features
  • Fun photos and stories
  • List of Litters bred in Year
  • Health Results
  • Adverts – glorious photos celebrating lapphunds

Pay online using paypal or direct BACS

Bank: HSBC Bank Sort Code:  40-20-30   Account:  62244241

To pay by bank transfer (international) BIC: HBUKGB4104F   IBAN: GB02HBUK40203062244241

Reference:  Yearbook + your surname

The adverts give you, fellow Lappy owners, the opportunity to showcase your dogs; this may be a photo to show your dog enjoying itself, it may be a more formal shot to celebrate your dog’s recent win(s) or those delightful puppy poses. Our Year Books have become collectables by enthusiasts of our breed and give you the opportunity to ensure your pet is remembered well into the future. It is not simply for show dogs – it is designed to be a historical record of our breed and we all love to see lappy photos, so please share yours.

We will aim to have the A5 books, in full colour, bound and with glossy cover, available at Crufts/FLC of GB or posted March 2024

One Free of Charge Year Book is included to each advertiser (one only irrespective of number of pages booked). Litter adverts will only be accepted where copies of latest eye test/hip scores and Optigen result are submitted with the advert.

Any obituaries for Finnish Lapphunds will be accepted and included in the Year Book free of charge.

Each page will be A5 size in full colour.

If you would like us to set up your advert, please ensure any photos and texts are with us by 20th January 2024.  (please do not leave to the last minute)

Design your own – with a little help:

If you would like to design the look of the ad yourself, but would prefer to leave the technical bits to someone else, you can simply send us one or more photos and a separate outline of what you wish your ad to look like, and we will do our best to match this. Please supply photos as jpgs, tiffs, or most RAW files are accepted. Text should preferably be submitted in a typed format. Design/layout can be submitted in any format (scribble on piece of paper and take a photo on phone), simply send via our online form. Last submission date for these ads is 20th January 2024.

Or leave it to us:

Lastly, you are more than welcome to simply supply photos and the text you would like to go with it, and we will design and set up your ad for you. Again, last submission date for this is 20th January 24, images and text must be submitted by email.


Design your own:

Alternatively please submit your print ready artwork by email to sflsyearbook@googlemail.com by 30th January 2024 (if you don’t know what this means then please use 20th Jan deadline, print ready requirements below)

If you are designing your own advert electronically, please supply artwork in one of the following formats:
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
InDesign (.indd)
Jpeg (.jpeg/.jpg)
Adobe PDF (High Quality Print setting)

In all cases, please ensure:
The document size should be 148x210mm (full A5 size)
5mm bleed from the top and bottom and a minimum of 8mm from the sides (or risks being cut in the binding/cutting of the book)
Include all fonts
Include all linked files
Include all images
All images must be CMYK
Flattened images should be 300dpi or higher
Due to the binding of the book, it is best to keep text and images at least 5mm from the edge of the page. The complete ads should be submitted by 30th January.

Please remember that the higher the resolution of your photos, the better the quality of the print. You can send in a hard copy photo if it was taken with a regular film camera and we will scan it for you. For photos taken with a digital camera, it is better to work with the original image straight from the camera, as each time the photo is re-saved as a jpg, the quality is reduced.

Many digital cameras take photos at a resolution of 72dpi, which is more than adequate for displaying on a computer or printing on a home printer. However, as the Year Book prints photos at 300dpi, this shrinks a 72dpi photo and this may end up too small to display in the ad. It is also worth checking the setup of your camera and ensuring it’s set to take photos as the ‘best’ setting (often called ‘fine’ or ‘superfine’).

Whether you are designing your own ad or leaving it to us, we are happy to help you re-touch your photos if needed (removing leads, backgrounds, red-eye, colours etc).

If you are designing your own advert, please bear in mind that it needs to fit on an A5 portrait oriented page. If you have questions regarding any aspect of the adverts, please do not hesitate to contact us at sflsyearbook@googlemail.com

To ensure all the details in the ads are correct, we will send you a proof copy of your ad (you will receive this whether you have designed your own ad or we have done it for you) and you will need to check this carefully for any errors and confirm to us that it is all in order before we can print it.

If we do not receive sign off on the proof by the date stated in the covering email, the advert will be included in the unconfirmed proof version. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors in type or setting where no sign off of proof has been received.

Where we are designing the advert – there will be a max of two iterations