We are delighted to hear that the KC have granted SFLS Championship status from 2024. This means that in addition to our open show we will be able to run a Breed Championship Show.

The SFLS is one of 31 breed clubs offered CCs for the first time.

New Model for CC Allocation

The new model gives exhibitors a transparent system of CC allocation, and the allocation of CCs to both Breed Clubs and General Shows is simply dependent on average entries.  Entry averages being published annually to give indication of likelihood of increase/removal etc of CCs in following periods.

For Finnish Lapphunds we will see new CCs on offer as follows:

  • Southern Finnish Lapphund Championship Show
  • Option of additional Championship show for FLC of GB*
  • Bournemouth,
  • South Wales,
  • WPBAW,
  • WPBAS.

* For the additional Championship show offered to FLC of GB there are additional requirements, ie. the second show must be held as a partnership or back-to-back event  (this is to ensure the show calendar is not congested and to give exhibitors opportunities to attend multiple shows on same day/venue)

The average entry of Finnish Lapphunds between 2015-2019 is 41.68 
NB show entry data from 2020 will not be used in future calculations. Inclusion of 2021 data to be reviewed.

Rest assured the committee will be looking into the options to bring exhibitors a great show, if you have any suggestions please contact us