The SFLS is always keen to encourage our members to undertake a range of activities with their Lappies. We are therefore delighted to support the Stoneleigh Rally Challenge, and to offer recognition and a prize draw for successful achievements by SFLS members. This is an activity you can undertake with dogs of any age. Stoneleigh Rally explains:

This is a “Train at Home” Challenge, enabling us all to make the most of the limited space available to us during Lockdown. We ran similar schemes for our members last year and they proved very popular as they fitted into both people’s lives and their homes, enabling them to enjoy time with their dogs during the first lockdown. We believe that limited space shouldn’t be an obstacle. We hope that these challenges will encourage people work with their dogs while focusing on the foundation skills that we all too often neglect. These skills will help all handlers and their dogs whether they are starting out on their training journey or are already enjoying high-level success at their chosen activity. We understand how hard it can be to find the motivation to work with our dogs, especially when we can see no end goal in sight, so we are pleased to introduce these Challenge Awards as we find ourselves back in Lockdown.

The challenges are not competitive, everyone is capable of earning an Award.”

You can find full details of the Challenge at Stoneleigh Rally

Southern Finnish Lapphund Society Rally Recognition and Prize Draw:

The Recognition and Prize Draw is open to all members of the SFLS and their Finnish Lapphunds. Membership must be valid on 28th February 2021. [The three organising Committee Members may not enter the Prize Draw but are eligible for Recognition]

All successful awards submitted to Stoneleigh Rally according to the procedures on their website Stoneleigh Rally by Sunday 11th April 2021 can be entered into the SFLS Rally Recognition and Prize Draw.

Each handler and dog combination can submit one entry for each successful Stoneleigh Rally Award achieved. (Maximum 3 per combination equating to Stoneleigh Purple, Green and Rainbow Awards).

Recognition and Prizes:
There will be a Prize Draw for each of the three Stoneleigh Award levels, with a prize of £30 Amazon voucher to the member drawn at random from each Award level (i.e. three prizes in total).

The Prize Draw will take place in May 2021.
A special SFLS Rally Rainbow rosette will be awarded to all lappy/handler combinations achieving the Stoneleigh Rally Rainbow Award. Rosettes will be dispatched in May 2021.

All successful handler/lappy submissions at each level will also be recognised on the SFLS website and newsletter.

Recognition Claim and Prize Draw entry procedure:
Members should submit details of their Award from Stoneleigh Rally using our form by 30th April 2021  giving full names of both Member and Dog (don’t forget to note award level)